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 (hĭp′nə-gŏj′ĭk, -gō′jĭk)
Variant of hypnagogic.
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Adj.1.hypnogogic - sleep inducing
depressant - capable of depressing physiological or psychological activity or response by a chemical agent
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I believe that, when I'm on the verge of fainting, the patch(es) of maze-or computer chip-like grid pattern that invade/s my inner mental imagery is in fact the abstract pixel board or canvas that all visualisation is built upon, only visible in that hypnogogic state.
From the study of brainwaves in adults and children, he explains that from ages zero to six years, a child is in a hypnogogic or trance state.
As for stage one, or hypnogogic sleep, that twilight state you're in right after you start dozing, it's little understood.
Table 1 Causes of visual hallucinations (7) Causes of visual hallucinations Neurological disorders Parkinson's disease Lewy body dementia Epilepsy Brain stem lesions such as peduncular hallucinosis Migraine coma Narcolepsy-cataplexy syndrome Psychiatric disorders Acute psychosis Schizophrenia Delirium Affective disorder Conversion reaction Toxic and metabolic Drug and alcohol withdrawal states Metabolic encephalopathies Hallucinogenic agents Medications or toxic side effects Miscellaneous Intense emotional experiences such as bereavement Sensory and sleep deprivation Hypnopompic (sleep to waking) Hypnogogic (wake to sleep) transitional states Charles Bonnet syndrome
Hypnogogic resonance "is a place of primary process mutuality in which the analyst can find relevant meaning in its personal manifestations of eidetic imagery, vivid sounds, smells, or various kinesthetic sensations.
It's a hypnogogic vision that appreciates without acquiescing to a transparent politics of identity, while sustaining an insomniac vigour and precision with regard to language.
He waits through the night with his hosts, undergoing hypnogogic images as he struggles to stay awake and warm.
Stage Description Duration W Wakefulness ~16 hours N1 Somnolence; "drowsy," easily awakened 1-5% N2 Asleep -50% N3 Slow Wave Sleep ~7% (SWS) Transition to deep sleep N4 Slow Wave Sleep ~20-25% (SWS) Deep sleep REM1-4 Rapid Eye Movement ~20-25% Stage EEG Brainwave pattern Events and abnormalities W Alpha waves Daytime consciousness N1 Theta waves Hypnogogic twitches, hallucinations N2 Slower waves, sleep spindles, K-complexes Unconsciousness N3 <50% delta waves Melatonin peak, (SWS) night terrors, parasomnias N4 >50% delta waves Minimum core temperature, (SWS) rebounds after deprivation REM1-4 Rapid low-voltage EEG Dreaming, low muscle tone, rebounds after deprivation
But Atsuko's lab is thrown into uproar when one of the four prototype DC-Minis goes missing and someone starts using it to invade Atsuko's colleagues' minds, planting a dream so powerful the victim falls into a permanent hypnogogic state in which he or she is still capable of walking around zombie-like and spouting nonsense.