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tr.v. hyp·no·tized, hyp·no·tiz·ing, hyp·no·tiz·es
1. To put into a state of hypnosis.
2. To fascinate by or as if by hypnosis.

hyp′no·tiz′a·bil′i·ty n.
hyp′no·tiz′a·ble adj.
hyp′no·ti·za′tion (-tĭ-zā′shən) n.
hyp′no·tiz′er n.
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Hopefully, the grim profile of the "empty signifier" Berlusconi, his populist hypnotization of the people ("la gente") and hegemonic reconciliation of interests and demands are not just the fatal offspring of the Italian anomaly.
Such synchronization endorses complete hypnotization of the African people who are deceived by the myth of a benevolent patron that supposedly aims at nothing but enlightening and civilizing people everywhere.
Experimentation may now be justified on the possibility that some such suggestions can be counterproductive and some productive, depending, perhaps, on whether they imply that some special additional effect or effort beyond hypnotization is necessary, or whether they fit into the subject's a priori beliefs about what can happen naturally during hypnosis.