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hy′po·blas′tic adj.


1. (Zoology) embryol Also called: endoblast the inner layer of an embryo at an early stage of development that becomes the endoderm at gastrulation
2. (Zoology) a less common name for endoderm
ˌhypoˈblastic adj


(ˈhaɪ pəˌblæst)

1. the endoderm of an embryo.
2. the cells entering into the inner layer of a young gastrula, capable of becoming endoderm and, to some extent, mesoderm.
hy`po•blas′tic, adj.
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Noun1.hypoblast - the inner germ layer that develops into the lining of the digestive and respiratory systems
germ layer - (embryology) any of the 3 layers of cells differentiated in embryos following gastrulation
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This gland is only a part of the lymphoid tissue derived from the hypoblast.
After fertilization, first cleavage was observed within 2 h, second was between 3-4 h and after 4-6 h, a shield appeared inside and two-layered structure appeared with an outer epiblast and inner hypoblast.