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Noun1.hypocellularity - the state of having abnormally few cells
cellularity - the state of having cells
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17] It is usually solitary and has relative hypocellularity with a prominent feature that thick collagen bundles are arranged in a storiform pattern.
Bone marrow necrosis, hemorrhage and hypocellularity were the main findings in the bone marrow in the Group A as compared with Group B (Table-I, Fig.
Specifically, following maternal exposure to an oral dose of TCDD that reportedly does not cause thymic or bone marrow hypocellularity or other signs of toxicity (Vorderstrasse et al.
These tumors can show zonation characterized by hypocellularity superficially and denser cellularity in deeper portions.
9% of patients had hypercellular or normocellular marrow whereas hypocellularity contained 15.
In the molecular layer, the neurons were irregularly dispersed; some sections had neuronal hypercellularity, while others displayed hypocellularity.
Histology showed sheets of poorly differentiated, small, dark, round cells with areas of hypocellularity, necrosis and numerous mitoses (Fig.
The erosion of cartilage surface was graded as four (04) and additional lesions included were sloughing of cellular layers, maximum loss of matrix, excessive clustering of chondrocytes, hypocellularity and multiple patches of cell death.
A bone marrow (BM) [6] aspirate and biopsy demonstrated hypocellularity (20%) without dysplasia.
Bone marrow examination showed hypocellularity with differentiation of the myeloid lineage and mildly decreased megakaryocytes.