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A person affected with hypochondria.
1. Relating to or affected with hypochondria.
2. Anatomy Relating to or located in the hypochondrium.

hy′po·chon·dri′a·cal (-kŏn-drī′ə-kəl) adj.
hy′po·chon·dri′a·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.hypochondriacal - suffering from hypochondria
psychoneurotic, neurotic - affected with emotional disorder
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Was the new patient only a hypochondriacal woman, whose malady was a disordered stomach and whose misfortune was a weak brain?
A hypochondriacal tendency had shown itself in the banker's constitution of late; and a lack of sleep, which was really only a slight exaggeration of an habitual dyspeptic symptom, had been dwelt on by him as a sign of threatening insanity.
What is certain is that for the present my studies, without method and without stint, began to tell upon my health, and that my nerves gave way in all manner of hypochondriacal fears.
Moreover Raskolnikov's hypochondriacal condition was proved by many witnesses, by Dr.
The young gentleman, after anxiously feeling his shirt-collar as if it were his pulse and he were hypochondriacal, observed, 'That he had heard it noticed by fellers.
Perhaps we can forgive the medically naive Victorians for their diagnoses of hypochondriacal and hysterical women.
Though prevalently used, CMI has been criticised for its difficulty in differentiating between traits and symptoms, its loading with hypochondriacal items and the possibility of positional responses.
Percival, the hypochondriacal, if not slightly mad, maiden aunt of the heroine, will not allow Edward Stanley to stay in her house with his parents more than one night lest propriety be put at mortal risk.
I'm hypochondriacal when it comes to terrorism," Allen told Variety, "the world's biggest worrywart.
It contains all somatic symptoms of conversion symptoms, physical pain symptoms, body dysmorphic symptoms, hypochondriacal symptoms, as described in the symptoms criteria in DSM-IV-TR.
Risk factors for hypochondriacal concerns in a sample of military veterans, journal of Psychosomatic Research, 57, 529-539.
Though Mary "exploit[s Anne] to act as a nurse during [her] hypochondriacal illnesses or as a 'sitter' and disciplinarian of her two unruly sons" (Kern 211), Anne allows her to do so.