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n. pl. hy·po·chon·dri·a·ses (-sēz′)

hypochondriacism, hypochondriasis

1. Psychiatry. an abnormal state characterized by emotional depression and imagined ill health, often accompanied by symptoms untraceable to any organic disease.
2. excessive concern and conversation about one’s health. Also called hypochondria, nosomania. — hypochondriac, n.hypochondriacal, adj.
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Noun1.hypochondriasis - chronic and abnormal anxiety about imaginary symptoms and ailments
anxiety, anxiousness - (psychiatry) a relatively permanent state of worry and nervousness occurring in a variety of mental disorders, usually accompanied by compulsive behavior or attacks of panic


n (ant) hipocondría
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Immature defense--includes projection, fantasy, hypochondriasis, passive aggression, acting out and dissociation.
Somatosensory amplification refers to the tendency to experience normal somatic sensations as intense, noxious, and disturbing; it is proposed to be associated with various somatization presentations, particularly hypochondriasis (13,19).
Nonetheless, these intrusions have also been described in other disorders, such as Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) (Osman, Cooper, Hackmann, & Veale, 2004), Hypochondriasis or Illness Anxiety (HYP) (Muse, McManus, Hackmann, Williams, & Williams, 2010), and Eating Disorders (EDs) (Blackburn, Thompson, & May, 2012; Roncero, Perpina, & Belloch, 2010).
There were no other significant differences by generational affiliation, which suggests that there were no significant difference in levels of psychopathology as measured by the MMPI-2 among missionary candidates of different generational affiliation, with the exception of the Hypochondriasis Scale.
It is useful in aching, loss of appetite, fever (hepatic or typhoid), bronchitis, constipation (habitual), hypochondriasis, melancholia, palpitation of heart, diabetes, debility, diarrhea and dysentery, piles, poverty of seminal fluid, weakness and vomiting [3-19].
43) Lifetime prevalence rate for hypochondriasis in a sample of primary OCD patients to be 23%.
The scale used to screen out four areas Depression, Anxiety, Social Impairment and Hypochondriasis.
Given that death anxiety appears to be a basic fear at the core of a range of mental disorders, including hypochondriasis, panic disorder, anxiety and depressive disorders, further research is warranted to explore the transdiagnostic role of the ASDA(C) in additional clinical and non-clinical populations.
Emotional hypochondriasis, hyperbole, and the borderline patient.
Moreover, other diagnostics with potentially stigmatizing names were modified, including Hypochondriasis, now called "Illness Anxiety Disorder" and the Paraphilias, now called "Paraphilic Disorders", and the list goes on.