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The part of a plant embryo or seedling plant that is between the cotyledons and the radicle or root.


(Botany) the part of an embryo plant between the cotyledons and the radicle
[C19: from hypo- + cotyl(edon)]
ˌhypoˈcotylous adj


(ˌhaɪ pəˈkɒt l)

the seedling stem that develops below the cotyledons in the plant embryo.
[1875–80; hypo- + cotyl (edon)]
hy`po•cot′y•lous, adj.
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In this study, the cotyledon nodes and hypocotyls of fourteen days old seedlings of in vitro germinated Crambe orientalis var.
In this type, the transition phenomena usually begin in the region of the collet, and proceeds slowly all the way up the hypocotyls, reaching completion near its summit (Compton, 1912).
However, the cultivation of explants in flasks with lower gas exchange was more effective in callus induction than regeneration, and hypocotyls were more effective than cotyledons in morphogenesis induction.
In cucumbers, ten expansin genes were isolated and cloned from differential tissues: CsEXP 1 and CsEXP 2 were isolated from growing cucumber hypocotyls [20]; CsEXP 3-CsEXP 9 were found in cucumber root tissues; and CsEXP 10 was isolated from young cucumber fruits after pollination, which showed differential expression patterns in roots, stems, leaves, and young fruit of cucumbers [21].
Anatomical changes in roots and hypocotyls of Prosopis ruscifolia (Fabaceae) seedlings exposed to saline stress.
According to previous studies of cotton tissue culture, callus culture can be initiated from different explants such as hypocotyls, radicals, tissues of embryo, shoot apex, cotyledonary leaves etc.
The length of hypocotyls, radicals, leaves area, and leaf succulent were measured according to the method described by Li [42] The fresh weights (FW) of leaves, hypocotyls and radicles were measured followed by oven dried at 70[degrees]C for 72 h following the measurement of dry weight (DW) [56].
Changes in morphology and biochemical indices in browning callus derived from Jatropha curcas hypocotyls.
Diseased plants had hypocotyls with only one third the mean lengths of P.