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1. Of or relating to the hypodermis.
2. Lying below the epidermis.
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Adj.1.hypodermal - of or relating to the hypodermis
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It was also recorded that the exogenous supply of bubaline PL reduces fat cells in the hypodermal layer of skin.
The collected adults, before maceration, did not have a hypodermal crimson spot between the antennal bases as observed in the paratype of L theobromae.
Nematodes had a pseudocoelom with smooth eosinophilic cuticle, coelomyarian-polymyarian musculature, accessory hypodermal chords, small lateral chords, an intestine with few multinucleated cells (Figure 1D), and a developed reproductive system.
Collection of blood from the fish and separation of serum: Blood was collected using sterilized 2 ml hypodermal syringes and 24 gauge needles washed with 2.
Rapid detection of infectious hypodermal and hematopoietic necrosis virus (IHHNV) by real-time, isothermal recombinase polymerase amplification assay.
Simultaneously with the changes occurring in the walls of the microsporangia, four groups of hypodermal cells differentiated near each of the four corners of young anthers (Fig.
Immune response of white shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei, after a concurrent infection with white spot syndrome virus and infectious hypodermal and hematopoietic necrosis virus.
Those spots were injected with 1-2 mL 2% xylocaine, beginning hypodermal to gradually injecting till the bone.
White Burley by injection into the intracellular space of the leaf with a help of hypodermal syringe 15.
Thus, increased leaf succulence by salt sequestration within the hypodermal tissue was a salt managerial method [75].
Fasting whole blood samples (5 ml) were drawn from participants using plastic hypodermal syringe through venipuncture into fluoride oxalate bottles to prevent blood from clotting and to retard glucose catabolism.