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1. Characterized by little or reduced activity or change.
2. Exhibiting an abnormally low amount of power or force, as of muscular contraction: a hypodynamic heart.
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Conclusions: In the present study, we developed a novel porcine model of septic shock induced by ARDS due to severe MRSA pneumonia with characteristic hyperdynamic and hypodynamic phases in 24 h, which mimicked the hemodynamic changing of septic shock in human.
This model produces a hyperdynamic, hypermetabolic state that can lead to a hypodynamic, hypometabolic stage, and eventual death.
This combination, the thinking goes, results in the inability of hypodynamic and hypovascular bone to meet increased demand for repair and remodeling, owing to the innate, continual physiologic stress (mastication), iatrogenic trauma (tooth extraction or denture injury), or dental infection within an environment laden with oral flora bacteria.
During early years, mephentermine was reported to be as potent as ephedrine with respect to its effect on total vascular and venous resistance in the perfused foreleg of the dog (13), whereas it was found to be more potent than other agents including ephedrine for restoring the contractility of depressed and hypodynamic isolated frog heart (14).
Hypothyroidism often involves hypertension due to increased systemic vascular resistance, high cholesterol due to reduced hepatic clearance of LDL cholesterol, and renal insufficiency, presumably due to a hypodynamic circulation, they said.
The left vocal fold was hypodynamic in the middle third of the musculomembranous portion.
Previous studies [14-16] showed that HS patients may present with hyperdynamic or hypodynamic state, the latter group presenting with circulatory failure and having a poorer outcome.
For severe cases of hypothermia, or for conditions involving hypodynamic compromise, which is induced diminished cardiac output, more severe measures are taken.
This is because of hypodynamic state that occurs in hypothyroidism.
To avoid the confounding effect of hypodynamic septic shock, a protocol of fluid resuscitation was applied to maintain adequate filling pressure.