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 (hī′pə-jē′əl) also hy·po·ge·an (-ən) or hy·po·ge·ous (-əs)
1. Living or occurring under the earth's surface.
2. Botany Of or relating to seed germination in which the cotyledons remain below the surface of the ground.

[From Latin hypogēus, from Greek hupogeios : hupo-, hypo- + , earth.]

hy′po·ge′al·ly adv.
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Located or operating beneath the earth's surface:
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The influence of thinning on production of hypogeous fungus sporocarps in Douglas fir forests in the northern Oregon Coast Range.
Foods vary and include seeds of pines, hypogeous fungi, apical buds, inner bark, and male and female pine cones (J.
The tiny, hypogeous Bet Abba Libanos (connected at its roof) still seems to be growing as it oozes out of the rock.
Here two hypogeous tombs were found, damaged during the excavation by heavy machinery during gravel extraction for the construction of a new road called the `Eighth Corridor' which will connect the port of Durres with Macedonia, Greece, and Turkey.