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A word whose meaning is included in the meaning of another more general word; for example, bus is a hyponym of vehicle.

hy′po·nym′ic, hy·pon′y·mous adj.


(Linguistics) a word whose meaning is included in that of another word: 'scarlet', 'vermilion', and 'crimson' are hyponyms of 'red'. Compare superordinate3, synonym, antonym
[C20: from hypo- + Greek onoma name]
hyponymy n


(ˈhaɪ pə nɪm)

a word that denotes a subcategory of a more general class: Chair and table are hyponyms of furniture. Compare superordinate (def. 3).
[1960–65; hyp- + -onym]
hy•pon′y•mous (-ˈpɒn ə məs) adj.
hy•pon′y•my, n.
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Noun1.hyponym - a word that is more specific than a given word
word - a unit of language that native speakers can identify; "words are the blocks from which sentences are made"; "he hardly said ten words all morning"


[ˈhaɪpənɪm] Nhipónimo m
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They do not form adjectival participle with their internal argument, do not accept the postposition of their arguments and accept a cognate/ hyponym object:
Besides, translating the hyponym smiley as ([phrase omitted]) just like its hypernym emoticon, rather than ([phrase omitted]), is an example of generalisation, which should be avoided in technical translation, because the TL word has a wider meaning than the SL word.
In the qualitative analysis, regarding the PS, it was verified that children with typical development, of both groups, presented an oral pattern of reply, with the presence of grammar category change, substitution for hyperonym, hyponym, synonym, for words that designate semantic attributes, for designation of functions, affective paraphrases, among others.
Curiously, kullt telur has now completely disappeared, but under the entry cangkang the explanation rumah siput (snail's shell), which sounds like an explanation to me, has been included and in this edition, it is also an entry in itself because it is now treated as a hyponym under the word rumah (house).
Bahuvrihi is the type of compound in which the whole is not a hyponym of either constituent.
A hypernym is a general word that names a broad category that includes other words, and a hyponym is a subdivision of more general word.
Thanyaporn and Anirach (2012, 2014) studied and proposed the hierarchy weight of subsumption (hypernym/ hyponym or meronym/holonym hierarchy) in Computer Science ontology using Wu and Palmer measure [14].
Abraham Maimuni (see below) declares that "Hittite" is a hyponym [an inclusive term] for "Hivite".
In this analysis, emotion is a hyponym that abstracts various emotions, and it is used, as Wierzbicka says, "as an abbreviation for, roughly speaking, 'feelings based on thoughts'" (Ibid: 12).
an endocentric compound is a hyponym of one of its constituents and a copulative has two independent constituents the individual compounds are sometimes ambiguous and confusing.
No hyponym displayed a particularly large coincidence between the collocate clusters of the hyperonym and those of its own.