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a.1.(Anat.) Pertaining to the segment between the basibranchial and the ceratobranchial in a branchial arch.
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Evaluation of hypopharyngeal suction to eliminate aspiration: the retro-esophageal suction (REScue) catheter.
Video laryngoscopy revealed a hard, protruding submucosal mass in the posterior hypopharyngeal wall, which narrowed the epiglottis-posterior hypopharyngeal wall distance.
The Company's newest medical device, sold to physicians, is the Blom-Singer Adjustable Bi-Flanged Fistula Prosthesis, which may alleviate the need for a feeding tube in patients who have developed a hypopharyngeal fistula after head and neck surgery.
Although it is relatively uncommon, this condition is important to recognize because it is a source of dysphagia and it confers an increased risk for hypopharyngeal cancer.
Measurements of the body size (length and width), length of the mouth hook (from the anterior tip of the mouth hook to the base of the mandibular sclerite), length of cephalopharyngeal skeleton (from the anterior edge of the hypopharyngeal sclerite to the posterior tip of the dorsal wing), and width of the respiratory funnel (at the widest point of the sclerotized part of the funnel) were taken for each instar.
We describe two cases of the use of GVL for the removal of hypopharyngeal foreign bodies (FB).
There are some reports of hypopharyngeal sarcomas such as angiosarcoma, liposarcoma and synovial sarcoma [1].
A subsequent case-control study in India (n = 2,579) reported an association between the exclusive use of wood as a solid fuel and hypopharyngeal cancer but not laryngeal cancer (Sapkota et al.
The insufficient level of protein in the diet of bees is problematic, since the development of hypopharyngeal glands, responsible for training of food for the kids, is not complete.
We here report a 20-year-old male with surgically treated-bilaterally spontaneous pneumothorax who had hypopharyngeal synovial sarcoma initially and had been treated with surgery and chemotherapy.