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n. hiporreflexia, reflejos débiles.
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Neurological examinations revealed level IV distal muscular strength in both upper extremities and left lower extremity, and level III muscular strength in her right lower extremity, with hyporeflexia of the bilateral tendon reflex.
Peripheral neuropathies consist of injury or loss of peripheral nerves function, observed by conscious proprioceptive deficits, hypoalgesia or analgesia and hyporeflexia or areflexia of the affected limb (VAN METRE et al.
On admission, the patient was afebrile, hypotensive, tachycardic, cyanotic with generalized skeletal muscle pain, and with paresis of all extremities and hyporeflexia.
Among 6 patients with dysmorphic facial features 3 patients were suggestive of DMD as fulfilling the criteria described by Pereirasuch as predominantly proximal muscle weakness with symmetrically involvement, exercise intolerance, positive Gower's sign, muscle hyporeflexia / hypotonia,contractures and dysmorphic faces.
Among the 32 patients with completed chart reviews, the most common recorded clinical neurologic signs and symptoms were hyporeflexia or areflexia (n = 31, 97%), leg weakness (n = 31, 97%), leg paresthesia (n = 24, 75%), arm weakness (n = 24, 75%), facial weakness (n = 20, 63%), arm numbness (n = 19, 59%), and dysphagia (n = 19, 59%).
Signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism include fatigue, depression, weight gain, constipation, impaired fertility, cold intolerance, hyporeflexia, bradycardia, periobital puffiness, nonpitting edema, muffling of the voice, and thinning of the hair and nails.
She also showed generalized hyporeflexia without muscular weakness or atrophy in the limbs.
12] suggested three major mechanisms responsible for post-stroke urinary incontinence: (i) disruption of the neuromicturition pathways, resulting in bladder hyperreflexia and urgency incontinence; (ii) incontinence due to stroke-related cognitive and language deficits with normal bladder function; and (iii) concurrent neuropathy or medication use, resulting in bladder hyporeflexia and overflow incontinence.
Further, pertinent neurological examinations demonstrated muscular hypotonia and generalized hyporeflexia.
All patients had experienced neuropathic pain and paresthesia in [greater than or equal to] 1 nerve segments with hyporeflexia or areflexia.
His left lower extremity revealed 2/5 strength in flexion and extension as well as hyporeflexia of the patella and ankle.
Examination showed a complete lack of pain sensation throughout her body and hyporeflexia.