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Noun1.hyposmia - lessened sensitivity to odors
dysomia - impairment of the sense of smell
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In humans, the medical condition hyposmia affects which of the senses?
No complications or anosmia were reported postoperatively in the Fyrmpas study, and subjective hyposmia, nasal obstruction, and the nasal partitioning ratio were all significantly reduced (p < 0.
A 59-year-old woman presented with a history of left-sided nasal obstruction and hyposmia.
She suffered with bilateral nasal obstruction, mucopurulent nasal secretions, postnasal discharge, hyposmia, and right-sided epistaxis.
Most people with nasal polyps have rhinorrhoea, sneezing, anosmia / hyposmia and post-nasal drip.
Neurological complaints, such as mild mental or motor dysfunction, vertigo, epileptic attack, hyposmia, were present in a much lower degree (from 2.
In fact, some of these symptoms, such as constipation, hyposmia and REM sleep behavior disorders (RBD), have been proposed as possible early biomarkers [5].
Three of our patients were asymptomatic and two presented with a headache and hyposmia.
Complaints of hyposmia, persistent migraine, restlessness and new complex partial seizures-hospitalization finding small and unequal pupils, no voluntary movements, failure to react to painful stimuli: i.
Parkinson's disease is associated with motor symptoms involving bradykinesia, rest tremor, rigidity, and postural disturbances, in addition to non-motor symptoms including hyposmia, rapid eye movements, sleep behavior disorder, and depression.
Headache or facial pain resolve within 7 days after remission or successful treatment of acute or acute-on-chronic rhinosinusitis * Clinical evidence may include purulence in the nasal cavity, nasal obstruction, hyposmia or anosmia, and fever; chronic sinusitis is not validated as a cause of headache or facial pain unless it relapses into an acute stage.