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n. pl. hy·pos·ta·ses (-sēz′)
1. Philosophy The substance, essence, or underlying reality.
2. Christianity
a. Any of the persons of the Trinity.
b. The essential person of Jesus in which his human and divine natures are united.
3. Something that has been hypostatized.
a. A settling of solid particles in a fluid.
b. Something that settles to the bottom of a fluid; sediment.
5. Medicine The settling of blood in the lower part of an organ or the body as a result of decreased blood flow.
6. Genetics A condition in which the action of one gene is concealed or suppressed by the action of an allele of a different gene that affects the same part or biochemical process in an organism.

[Late Latin, from Greek hupostasis : hupo-, hypo- + stasis, a standing; see stā- in Indo-European roots.]

hy′po·stat′ic (hī′pə-stăt′ĭk), hy′po·stat′i·cal adj.
hy′po·stat′i·cal·ly adv.


[ˌhaɪpəʊˈstætɪk] ADJ (Rel) → hipostático
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In the last three books, however, the focus turns to doctrine, especially to a critical analysis of several Catholic doctrines such as the Trinity, the Eucharist, Christ's hypostatic nature, and the cult of the saints.
According to Staniloae, the main difference between human beings and the Divine being is that the first exist only as hypostatic nature, whereas the latter is a unique being expressed by the Holy Trinity.
In early mobilization of the patients the complications of prolonged immobilization like thromboembolism, hypostatic pneumonia etc.
I'd be in the club-and I'd be doing my theology paper about the hypostatic union of Christ.
In other words, the apophatic mystery is not Anselm's perplexity at the multiplicity of the exemplars within the simplicity of the divine essence, but the union of divinity and humanity in the hypostatic union--natures that are pinned together with the nails of the cross.
Because of the intense pain, blood loss, prolonged secretion of inflammatory mediators and loss of mobility of the injured patient, with all the negative, resulting consequences (aggravated management of the injured patient, venous thrombosis and hypostatic pneumonia due to inactivity and prolonged lying), treatment of polytraumatized patients with fractures of the tibia is a very complex problem [4].
In the same way it has been claimed that heterosexuality is the sign of distinction within unity, a hypostatic distinction, which contributes essentially to man's salvation from lonelyness, as "it is not good for the man to be alone.
38) Christ made visible in the fresh is an image of God insofar as the human nature of Christ reveals the person but not the nature, thereby having a hypostatic likeness to God but maintaining a difference between the visible human and hidden divine nature of the hypostatic union.
The hylomorphism of Aristotelian natural philosophy, for example, was adopted by the medieval theologians to help them explore the nature of the sacraments and the hypostatic union.
Further, it is not, according to Freedman, merely the human nature or the divine nature of Christ that fascinates Dickinson, but rather the hypostatic union of the two natures.
I am the Light of the World", and "I and the Father are one" - a hypostatic, mystic experience of union made him an embodiment of love and service viz.
What distances them from the icon is not (as Maritain suggests) that Oriental art looks more to nature than history, but that the art of China or Japan witnesses always to transient presence, not hypostatic solidity: the Zen image catches a moment in which the stream of causality briefly freezes (not the right word here) in a perception, existence itself caught in a passing look; the icon in its solid but transparent form draws us into a logos that actively supports and shapes the perceived body and so gives it an energy sustained in time.