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n. hipotelorismo, dismunición anormal de la distancia entre dos órganos o partes.
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The remaining but less frequently en countered anomalies were clubfoot deformity, cyclopia, edema, flattened nose, hypotelorism, proboscis, sandal gap, and single uterine artery.
One foetus with encephalocele also had Polycystic kidneys, Polydactyly, Hypotelorism and narrow thorax as a part of Meckel-Gruber Syndrome.
9] Apart from structural anomalies, other indicators of Trisomy 13 include intrauterine growth restriction, echogenic cardiac foci, hypotelorism and poly- or oligohydramnios.
Patients with cebocephaly have ocular hypotelorism and a proboscis with a single, blind-ended nostril.
Common clinical features in individuals without obvious findings such as cyclopia, synophthalmia, or a proboscis, include microcephaly (although hydrocephalus can result in macrocephaly), ocular hypotelorism (which can be severe), flat nasal bridge, single maxillary central incisor, and cleft lip and/or palate.