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tr.v. hy·poth·e·cat·ed, hy·poth·e·cat·ing, hy·poth·e·cates
1. To pledge (property) as security or collateral without delivery of title or possession.
2. Usage Problem To hypothesize.

[Medieval Latin hypothēcāre, hypothēcāt-, from Latin hypothēca, pledge, deposit, from Greek hupothēkē, from hupotithenai, to give as a pledge, suppose; see hypothesis.]

hy·poth′e·ca′tion n.
hy·poth′e·ca′tor n.
Usage Note: When used to mean "to formulate a hypothesis," hypothecate garners almost no acceptance from the Usage Panel. In our 2009 survey, 90 percent rejected it in the sentence One man hypothecated that the students were joyless because they were no longer curious.


1. the process of pledging property as security for a debt.
2. a claim made against property so pledged. — hypothecator, n. — hypothecary, adj.
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means any option or right of pre-emption or mortgage, charge, pledge, lien, assignment, hypothecation, security interest, title retention or any other security agreement or arrangement.
The committee recommended that under the scheme, subscribers will purchase a home with loans from banks or housing finance companies and hypothecation of the property to the lender.
Magna's "pump and dump" scheme involved the issuance of phony press releases, hypothecation and naked short selling of Yippy's stock, and attempted corporate bribery, according to the complaint.
Sukuk will be secured by way of first pari-passu Hypothecation charge of Rs 680 million over the present and future current assets.
It thus is difficult to perceive how the hypothecation of a possible future adversary can offer a plausible justification for non-contentious federal court proceedings.
Transfer of ownership" is defined as "an assignment, mortgage, exclusive license, or any other conveyance, alienation, or hypothecation of a copyright or of any of the exclusive rights comprised in a copyright, whether or not it is limited in time or place of effect, but not including a nonexclusive license.
Once you lose your residence status, it will be a complex process for you to transfer the ownership of your vehicle and close the hypothecation (given to the bank or financial institution).
Current liabilities in the MARKFED include creditors, sundry payables, short term loans or cash credit against hypothecation on stocks, and other liabilities including provisions, security deposit and unclaimed payable.
hypothecation, credit default swaps, and collateralized debt obligations), and globalization of commerce.
IDBI Bank said, 'As security for the financial assistance granted by IDBI Bank, DCHL along with the other co-owners has created a charge by way of hypothecation of their trademarks Deccan Chronicle, Andhra Bhoomi, Financial Chronicle and Asian Age with goodwill.
0m revolving timeshare receivables hypothecation facility, for a two-year revolving credit period, ending in September 2013.
In denying Airport's request to mortgage its leasehold estate and dissolve the corporation and assign its assets, including the ground lease, to its two shareholders, the appeals court found that hypothecation constitutes an assignment of less than the entire leasehold, which is prohibited by the ground lease without the consent of the landowner.