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Abnormally low body temperature.

[hypo- + Greek thermē, heat; see gwher- in Indo-European roots + -ia.]

hy′po·ther′mic (-mĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.hypothermic - of or relating to or affected by hypothermia
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She added that if people are seriously hypothermic, they should call the emergency line 155 and ask the operator for instructions and/or an ambulance.
He was a bit hypothermic and cold and had swallowed a fair bit of sea water.
Being exposed to the cold for a long time or drinking too much can lead to hypothermic conditions," said Lee Sang-won, head of Strategic Planning at the KCDC Emerging Infectious Disease Division.
It has developed alginate hydrogel cell encapsulation technology which allows for the short-term storage and transport at hypothermic temperatures (4-21C) of wound healing stem cells.
They found the exhausted and hypothermic man clinging to rocks near the West End in Kilkee.
Tissue hypothermic storage company BioLife Solutions (NasdaqCM:BLFS) disclosed on Monday that it has appointed Roderick de Greef as its interim chief financial officer and secretary.
Six soldiers were saved by rescuers, among whom two were hypothermic and four unharmed, according to Le Figaro.
I snagged an empty package and read, "Emergency Blanket: 52 by 82 inches; reusable; can offset hypothermic reactions; reflects sun; retains up to 90 percent of body heat; for emergencies, camping, sporting events and more
In conjunction, the company expects continued progress on the development and pre-launch activities of the biologistex service for cold chain management of biologic payloads; as well as expansion of intellectual property protection with the granting of new Australian patent number 2009228056 titled, "Materials and Methods for Hypothermic Collection of Whole Blood".
Although he was slightly hypothermic the man was otherwise unharmed and left the scene immediately.
Outside, a woman with a questionable grasp of what being famous means, tried to whip up enthusiasm from the hypothermic crowd.
The man, who had slipped on steps at the end of a launching ramp at around 9am on Monday, was conscious but becoming hypothermic in the freezing conditions.