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n. pl. hy·pot·ro·phies
Progressive degeneration of an organ or tissue caused by loss of cells.

hy′po·tro′phic (hī′pə-trō′fĭk) adj.
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Facial muscular involvement characterized by progressive hypotrophy and hyposthenia is associated with muscle decontraction, difficulties and muscle weakness, thus leading to an expression-less face.
However, as with other CV pathological conditions, such as heart failure and cardiac hypotrophy, there is evidence of increased autophagy with chronic alcohol consumption.
The relationship between varicocele grade and ipsilateral testicular hypotrophy is not clear.
After a certain period of time, the difficulty to move and pain result in muscular hypotrophy, which additionally contributes to the reduction of movement.
Sources of disagreement in the biopsy report evaluation included (1) variable terminology used by myopathologists to signify similar findings (basophilic fibers with central nuclei versus regenerating fibers, myofiber necrosis versus myofiber degeneration), (2) the lack of precise and consistent application of defined nomenclature on the part of the reporting myopathologist (atrophy does not equal hypotrophy, central nuclei do not equal eccentric or internal nuclei), and (3) single reviewer error in identifying a key CDE in the body of report.
Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome (KTS) is a rare, sporadic, complex malformation characterized by the clinical triad of capillary malformations (port wine stain), soft tissue and bone hypertrophy or occasionally hypotrophy of usually one lower limb, and venous/lymphatic malformation [1].
A 14-year-old female was referred to our consultation, with a progressive deformity in valgus of inferior limbs and muscle hypotrophy (Fig.
Disturbance in growth involved hypotrophy or hypertrophy of vertebrae in relation with neighbouring vertebrae.
2 % of investigated children have stature and ponder hypotrophy, and 2.
She told us that she delivered her only son at term, but during the pregnancy she experienced oligohydramnios and the boy was born with neonatal hypotrophy, weighing barely 2.