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Noun1.hypozeuxis - use of a series of parallel clauses (as in `I came, I saw, I conquered')
rhetorical device - a use of language that creates a literary effect (but often without regard for literal significance)
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Syntactic mirroring (hypozeuxis), for instance, singles out some structural patterns in "The Pedersen Kid," In the following excerpt, the hypozeuxis is based on (a and b) coordination I underlined
In the following excerpt, repetition is magnified due to epizeuxis, which provides a pattern of subsequent repetition, as well as hypozeuxis emerging in the use of both the infinitive and the negative ("neither", "rot", "nothing");
Sunt autem multae schematum species, sed eminentiores hae: prolepsis, zeugma, hypozeuxis, sylepsis, anadiplosis, anafora, epanalepsis, epizeuxis, paronomasia, schesis onomaton, paromoeon, homoeoteleuton, homoeoptoton, poliptoton, hirmos, polisindeton, dialyton.