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 (ī′ămb′, ī′ăm′) also i·am·bus (ī-ăm′bəs)
n. pl. i·ambs also i·am·bus·es or i·am·bi (-bī′)
1. A metrical foot consisting of an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable, as in delay.
2. A metrical foot in quantitative verse composed of a short syllable followed by a long one.

[French iambe, from Latin iambus, from Greek iambos.]


(ˈaɪæm; ˈaɪæmb) or


n, pl iambs, iambi (aɪˈæmbaɪ) or iambuses
1. (Poetry) a metrical foot consisting of two syllables, a short one followed by a long one (˘¯)
2. (Poetry) a line of verse of such feet
[C19 iamb, from C16 iambus, from Latin, from Greek iambos]


(ˈaɪ æm, ˈaɪ æmb)

a prosodic foot of two syllables, a short followed by a long in quantitative meter, or an unstressed followed by a stressed in accentual meter, as in Come live / with me / and be / my love.
[1835–45; short for iambus]


a foot of two syllables, the first short or unstressed, the second long or stressed. — iambic, adj.
See also: Verse


 of poets—Lipton, 1970.
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Noun1.iamb - a metrical unit with unstressed-stressed syllables
metrical foot, metrical unit, foot - (prosody) a group of 2 or 3 syllables forming the basic unit of poetic rhythm
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Pearsall writes that Ulysses must conjure the sea by "his words alone"; but she is less concerned with the words than with their cadence, the seductive iambs and measured phrases of Tennyson's impeccable blank verse (p.
But if a spondee is metrically an iamb, it is also still a spondee, rhythmically, and in terms of its effect on pace.
IAMB The last mora of every foot is a prominent one.
When IAMB was declared he joined the RCAF and served as an airframe mechanic for three years before training as a pilot.
He said that since COFE took over the oversight function of the Iraqi oil sales from the IAMB last June, Kuwait received from the Compensation Commission two payments of more than one USD billion each: the first was on July 28th and the second on October 27th.
To my disappointment I have since noticed the poor standard of supermarket butcher departments, Often the meat may be in date hut looks green and out of date, from Iamb, pork and beef to some cooked meats, sausages and bacon.
And following the notion that a happy iamb is a healthy one, the animals stay with their mothers.
Its use not only assists ship IAMB in aggressively managing the IAVM program, but it can also provide Immediate Superior in Command (ISIC), program offices and other computer network defense organizations with visibility into the status of their commands or systems.
4] titers to wheat, beef, and iamb, with no significant results reported for potatoes, rice, fish, chicken, yeast, tomato, or shrimp, (n contrast, IgE titers were not elevated in study participants or controls, and skin prick testing showed only one positive result in five of 56 patients.
He eats M&S roast chicken and Iamb - he's very fussy.
In the history of Anglo-American modernism, to iamb or not to iamb was a charged matter-"To break the pentameter, that was the first heave," but in the sonic universe of "The Sea-Elephant" such battles cease.
1 seconds for a single Iamb was first broken by David Fagan, a 16-time Golden Shears champion and the victor at Corwen.