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(aɪˈætrɪk) or


(Medicine) relating to medicine or physicians; medical
[C19: from Greek iatrikos of healing, from iasthai to heal]


(aɪˈæ trɪk, iˈæ-)

also i•at′ri•cal,

of or pertaining to a physician or to medicine; medical.
[1850–55; < Greek iātrikós of healing, derivative of iātrós healer]


a. iátrico-a, rel. a la medicina, a la profesión médica, o a los que la ejercen.
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There are programs that help automate security audits, such as the Iatric Systems Security Audit Manager.
com '14 HIT Revenue: 88 $43,871,147 (13) $42,364,360 (12) $42,364,360 (11) '13 Major Revenue: 100% Services 94 Iatric Systems, Inc.
In a recent survey of laboratorians conducted during an online webcast event hosted by Iatric Systems, more than 80% of survey respondents indicated that the Emergency Department (ED) is a significant source of mislabeled specimens at their facilities.
This year all our attendees were keeping their eyes on the weather but also listening to some thought-provoking presentations on such things as a Plant-based diet, running programs for persons having successfully had bar iatric surgery, and how genes and positive attitudes coalesce by avoiding BMW (Bitching, Moaning and Whining)
SALEM - Legislators are close to unveiling a proposal that would allocate $5 million for infrastructure costs over the next two years for the state psych iatric hospital proposed for Junction City.
paren right least their Th along progr to en paren about hand Sta and nurse nurse paedi other suppo action child smok De traine Care T of Ashin Sh Prote Effec traini it exte aff who work in SureStart children's centres, as ery nurses, school health es; health trainers and iatric nurses amongst rs are being trained to ort smokers to take n to protect their ren from second-hand e.
Identifying and Overcoming Obstacles for Clinical Integration" was the focus of the session by Mary Moewe, MS, FACHE, CPHIMS, PMP, Associate Vice President, Iatric Systems, Boxford, MA.
Cross-Cultural Assessment of Get iatric Depression: A Review of the CES-D and GDS.
The new 160-bed Brenner Children's Hospital opened in 2002, providing a full continuum of care, with a pediatric emergency department; ped iatric and neonatal intensive care units; infant, child, and adolescent inpatient units; and outpatient clinics.
Joel Berman, president of Iatric Systems, has a virtual-office consultancy, with employees throughout the U.
The health authority has noted that we serve not only Birmingham but also a significant population in South Staffordshire and that everyone who responded to the consultation wanted to ensure the continuation of accident and emergency, obstetric and paed iatric services at Good Hope Hospital.
Industry leader, consultant and developer James Lawson will head the newly expanded division, reporting directly to Ken Hoffman, executive vice president of Iatric Systems' interfaces and integration.