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Induced unintentionally in a patient by a physician. Used especially of an infection or other complication of treatment.

[Greek iātros, physician; see -iatric + -genic.]

i·at′ro·gen′i·cal·ly adv.


(Medicine) med in an iatrogenic manner
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V"ictory transosseous equivalent suture configuration for arthroscopic rotator cuff tear repairs of iatrogenically completed PASTA lesions and full-thickness "U"-shaped tears.
Despite their relative rarity, several hundred iatrogenically transmitted CJD cases were identified during the past 60 years (2).
2) The peripheral variant of Tapia syndrome can occur (1) following trauma or endotracheal intubation, (2) in association with a tumor of the parotid gland, or (3) iatrogenically as a result of surgery.
In 2004, growing concerns led the Food and Drug Administration to place a black box warning on antipsychotic medications that highlighted concerns about iatrogenically induced diabetes.
For example, no research studies in any clinical population support the position that DID is caused iatrogenically by hypnosis (or any other factor) in suggestible individuals.
3) Since we find similar lesions in both pregnancy and iatrogenically damaged endometrium, it can be suggested that oxidative damage and thermal ablation have similar effects on spiral arteries.
In our patient air entered the cyst iatrogenically resulting in the Cumbo sign.
If stabilization with pedicle screws is performed, the surgeon should be aware that theoretically the disease may be iatrogenically seeded into the vertebral bodies if viable scolices are present at the time when the pedicles are probed before inserting the screws.
For us, in addition to infection by ingesting infected meat (mostly brain, intestine, and ground matter, but generally not muscle meat), and familial forms (inherited), this disease has already been spread iatrogenically (medically).