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1. A yellowish glare in the sky over an ice field. Also called blink.
2. A coastal ice cliff.


1. (Physical Geography) Also called: blink a yellowish-white reflected glare in the sky over an ice field
2. (Physical Geography) a coastal ice cliff



a yellowish luminosity near the horizon or on the underside of a cloud caused by the reflection of light from sea ice.
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The mobileFPGA family is complimented by Lattice s iCEblink 40-HX1K evaluation kit, offering USB programming, debugging, virtual I/O functions, and power supply.
v=Wl5EqjtRuGU&fea ture=related This is a link to the song Iceblink Luck by the Cocteau Twins, one of my favourite Scottish bands.
It was the aura of an iceblink, indicating a sea of pack ice directly in front of them.
The combination of Elizabeth Fraser's lyrics, where words were used more for their feel than their sense, and the building-block keyboard/guitar/percussion textures, which were very much of their time, made for highly stylised, almost Gothic, creations but later albums, Victorialand and Heaven Or Las Vegas, stripped away some of the layers of sound, and on the lovely Lazy Calm for instance they adopted an altogether warmer, more human approach, the ambient drift of these LPs perhaps reflecting their work with the composer Harold Budd, although they also earned a rare hit single in Iceblink Luck (must have been a quiet week).
With two new iCEblink Evaluation Kits, engineers can easily evaluate and adopt non-volatile iCE40 technology.