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1. A sturdy ship built for breaking a passage through icebound waters. Also called iceboat.
2. A protective pier or dock apron used as a buffer against floating ice.
a. Something done or said to relax an unduly formal atmosphere or situation.
b. A beginning; a start.

ice′break′ing n.


1. (Nautical Terms) Also called: iceboat a vessel with a reinforced bow for breaking up the ice in bodies of water to keep channels open for navigation
2. (Tools) any tool or device for breaking ice into smaller pieces
3. something intended to relieve mutual shyness at a gathering of strangers


(ˈaɪsˌbreɪ kər)

1. a ship specially built for breaking navigable passages through ice.
2. something that eases tension or relieves formality.
3. a tool for chopping ice into small pieces.
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Noun1.icebreaker - a ship with a reinforced bow to break up ice and keep channels open for navigationicebreaker - a ship with a reinforced bow to break up ice and keep channels open for navigation
ship - a vessel that carries passengers or freight
2.icebreaker - a beginning that relaxes a tense or formal atmosphere; "he told jokes as an icebreaker"
commencement, start, beginning - the act of starting something; "he was responsible for the beginning of negotiations"


[ˈaɪsˌbreɪkəʳ] Nrompehielos m inv
we used the video as an icebreakerel vídeo nos sirvió para romper el hielo


[ˈaɪsˌbreɪkəʳ] nrompighiaccio m inv (fig) (for group of students) gioco o esercizio fatto per rompere il ghiaccio all'inizio di una lezione
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In October, a Navy-Coast Guard integrated program office released a draft request for proposals for the detail design and construction of one heavy polar icebreaker with options for two additional such ships.
Last August, a Russian tanker sailed direct from Norway to South Korea through the Arctic Ocean, the first time such a ship had done so without an icebreaker escort.
Icebreaker Christophe de Margerie, carrying liquefied gas from Russia, has landed tonight in the port of the British island of Grane, reports investor.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 6, 2017-VF to Acquire Icebreaker to Strengthen Brand Portfolio of Natural Fiber Apparel
The creature in question is a Raiko icebreaker, which was delivered in March and is the first of its type pressed into service at Helsinki.
Each is capable of carrying 170,000 cubic meters of LNG and can operate independently (without icebreaker support) in modest ice conditions.
Battlesong is the action-packed final book in Tanner's Icebreaker trilogy, following Icebreaker (Macmillan, 2015/VOYA August 2015) and Sunker's Deep (Macmillan, 2016).
Most of those funds will be spent on building a nuclear icebreaker - a giant ship run on nuclear energy meant to smash through Arctic waters covered in ice.
Each Icebreaker also comes with a chance to win a date based on your interest, with prizes announced every month.
This collaborative venture celebrates the history of the icebreaker ship Sviatogor from its launch on the Tyne, its involvement in the Russian Revolution, its renaming as the Krasin after a Bolshevik leader and its part in Second World War Arctic convoys to its current role as a museum vessel on the River Neva in St Petersburg in Russia.
AS PLANNING CONTINUES for a new Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) icebreaker, a Canadian company is waiting in the wings with various proposals to further improve such capability for the federal fleet.