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1. A sturdy ship built for breaking a passage through icebound waters. Also called iceboat.
2. A protective pier or dock apron used as a buffer against floating ice.
a. Something done or said to relax an unduly formal atmosphere or situation.
b. A beginning; a start.

ice′break′ing n.


1. (Nautical Terms) Also called: iceboat a vessel with a reinforced bow for breaking up the ice in bodies of water to keep channels open for navigation
2. (Tools) any tool or device for breaking ice into smaller pieces
3. something intended to relieve mutual shyness at a gathering of strangers


(ˈaɪsˌbreɪ kər)

1. a ship specially built for breaking navigable passages through ice.
2. something that eases tension or relieves formality.
3. a tool for chopping ice into small pieces.
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Noun1.icebreaker - a ship with a reinforced bow to break up ice and keep channels open for navigationicebreaker - a ship with a reinforced bow to break up ice and keep channels open for navigation
ship - a vessel that carries passengers or freight
2.icebreaker - a beginning that relaxes a tense or formal atmosphere; "he told jokes as an icebreaker"
commencement, start, beginning - the act of starting something; "he was responsible for the beginning of negotiations"


[ˈaɪsˌbreɪkəʳ] Nrompehielos m inv
we used the video as an icebreakerel vídeo nos sirvió para romper el hielo


[ˈaɪsˌbreɪkəʳ] nrompighiaccio m inv (fig) (for group of students) gioco o esercizio fatto per rompere il ghiaccio all'inizio di una lezione
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Two new Aker Arctic designed icebreakers, under construction at the PJSC Vyborg Shipyard in Russia, will have their main power provided by Wartsila generating sets.
The service has a statutory responsibility to maintain icebreakers for the United States.
In 2010, after years of increasing maintenance costs and mechanical failures, both Polar Class Icebreakers, Polar Sea and Polar Star, were placed into an inactive status.
Rasheed Fleih, who leads the Anbar Military Command, told state television that two to three days are needed to push the militants out of Fallujah and parts of Ramadi AUSTRALIA/ANTARCTICAThe 399-foot US Coast Guard heavy icebreaker Polar Star was reported to have left Australia for Antarctica yesterday to rescue more than 120 crew members aboard two icebreakers trapped in pack ice.
Three icebreakers were initially dispatched to try and crack their way through the ice surrounding the vessel but all failed.
Two other icebreakers have also failed to reach the Shokalskiy.
3) For these reasons, the United States should immediately invest in search and rescue (SAR) infrastructure and icebreakers to support future regional safety needs.
Earlier attempts by Chinese and French icebreakers to reach the Russian ship were also foiled by the thick ice, the report added.
Three icebreakers, including the Snow Dragon, have been trying to reach the ship since Wednesday.
Approximately 500 seamen remain trapped aboard ships caught in ice in Russia's Northern Pacific, waiting for icebreakers to free an escape passage in the Sea of Okhotsk.
Summary: Nuremberg, Muharram 27, 1432, Jan 02, 2011, SPA-- Icebreakers have abandoned efforts to keep open a key European inland waterway connecting the Black Sea and the North Sea after persistent ice blocked a canal in Germany, officials in Nuremberg said Sunday.
Since 1991, Quark Expeditions has specialized in expedition cruising to the Arctic and Antarctica, in ships with ice-strengthened hulls or in icebreakers.