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Noun1.iced coffee - a strong sweetened coffee served over ice with creamiced coffee - a strong sweetened coffee served over ice with cream
coffee, java - a beverage consisting of an infusion of ground coffee beans; "he ordered a cup of coffee"
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Lady Wetherby, having got the Dance of Psyche out of her system, and replaced it with a glass of iced coffee, was inclined for conversation.
She loved going to concerts, she loved stopping with her cousin, she loved iced coffee and meringues.
Kuwait: A free regular hot or iced coffee with any dozen donut pack purchase
While they know it tastes great, what they may not know is Chick-fil-A's cold-brew iced coffee process is typically reserved for specialty coffee houses.
CEVALIA, THE UPSCALE 100% ARABICA COFFEE LINE from Kraft Foods Group, has introduced Gevalia Iced Coffee with Almond Milk.
The Sweetened Iced Coffee K-Cup Packs offer iced coffee options reminiscent of Starbucks in-store iced drinks.
Ready-to-drink (RTD) or iced coffee has been seeing a period of strong product and market activity in recent years.
NEW YORK -- Dunkin' Donuts is on a quest to get more people in the habit of drinking iced coffee regardless of how warm it is outside, as many do in its hometown in the Northeast.
jimmy's Iced Coffee, launched in 2011 claiming to be the only chilled RTD coffee drink made with British milk, now has a range of standard and more exotic lines.
com)-- Blue Donkey Iced Coffee has partnered with Frontline Missions, an non-profit organization closely working with several indigenous groups in Central America.
The new iced coffee refreshments come in two sizes, medium, costing BD1.
The website Cafe dei Sol, Coralville, IA, mentions an iced coffee being brewed from in the Dutch East Indies in 1847 from a cold brew concentrate called "essence" by the Dutch colonists.