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1. The part of a glacier resembling a frozen waterfall that flows down a steep slope.
2. An avalanche of ice.


(Physical Geography) a very steep part of a glacier that has deep crevasses and resembles a frozen waterfall



1. a jumbled mass of ice in a glacier.
2. a falling of ice from a glacier, iceberg, etc.
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Noun1.icefall - a steep part of a glacier resembling a frozen waterfallicefall - a steep part of a glacier resembling a frozen waterfall
glacier - a slowly moving mass of ice
ice - the frozen part of a body of water


[ˈaɪsˌfɔːl] nseraccata
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Drilling at the Lower Icefall Zone, located 600 meters south of the North Zone and geologically similar to the Wilby Zone, reported that Hole #95-45 intersected a 6.
It happened at the notoriously dangerous Khumbu Icefall, not far above base camp where he had recently mingled with fellow mountaineers.
George Band, at 24 the youngest member of the Everest expedition in 1953, told BBC Radio Five Live: "He was a very tough, lean, six-footer, a very determined person, and he and George Lowe were the two New Zealand members of our party, our team of 14 led by John Hunt, and when he wasn't rushing up and down the icefall he liked to lie in what we called the 'Everest position', which was just lying flat out, relaxing on your bed.
During the expedition to the 29,035-foot summit of Mount Everest the former high school principal who is living with type 1 diabetes battled record-breaking winds, constant freezing temperatures, and dangerous ice including an April icefall avalanche.
Two holes on the Lower Icefall Zone with assay results pending.
Wang and her team used helicopters to cross the dreaded Khumbu Icefall section between the base camp and Camp 1.
There are some spectacular views of Mount Cook as well as the icefall and lower glacier.
WELLINGTON, New Zealand -- Guy Cotter was so concerned about the safety of Sherpa guides and porters through Mount Everest's notorious Khumbu Icefall that he and another commercial guide operator hatched a plan: Before this year's climbing season began, they would use helicopters to transport 4 tons of equipment above the icefall.
HARRY'S MOUNTAIN HEROES ITV1, 9pm THERE have been so many films about the perils of climbing Everest that you might already be on nodding terms with the notorious Khumbu Icefall.