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 (ī′kôr′, ī′kər)
1. Greek Mythology The rarefied fluid said to run in the veins of the gods.
2. A watery, acrid discharge from a wound or ulcer.

[Middle English icor, from Late Latin īchōr, from Greek īkhōr.]

i′chor·ous (ī′kər-əs) adj.


1. (Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth the fluid said to flow in the veins of the gods
2. (Pathology) pathol a foul-smelling watery discharge from a wound or ulcer
[C17: from Greek ikhōr, of obscure origin]
ˈichorous adj


(ˈaɪ kɔr, ˈaɪ kər)

1. the ethereal fluid flowing in the veins of the ancient Greek gods.
2. the watery ooze of a wound.
[1630–40; < Late Latin īchōr < Greek īchṓr]
i•chor•ous (ˈaɪ kər əs) adj.


a thin watery substance discharged from wounds or ulcers. See also god and gods. — ichorous, adj.
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Noun1.ichor - (Greek mythology) the rarified fluid said to flow in the veins of the Gods
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks
fluid - a substance that is fluid at room temperature and pressure
2.ichor - a fluid product of inflammation
bodily fluid, body fluid, liquid body substance, humour, humor - the liquid parts of the body
gleet - a thin morbid discharge as from a wound or especially chronic gonorrhea
References in classic literature ?
The point tore through the ambrosial robe which the Graces had woven for her, and pierced the skin between her wrist and the palm of her hand, so that the immortal blood, or ichor, that flows in the veins of the blessed gods, came pouring from the wound; for the gods do not eat bread nor drink wine, hence they have no blood such as ours, and are immortal.
So saying, she wiped the ichor from the wrist of her daughter with both hands, whereon the pain left her, and her hand was healed.
Once having tasted this immortal ichor, he cannot have enough of it, and as an admirable creative power exists in these intellections, it is of the last importance that these things get spoken.
We also executed well against our strategic growth initiatives to expand our customer base, expand our served markets, and expand our product offerings, all of which we expect will contribute to continued revenue growth and industry outperformance, with expanding profitability, for Ichor as we look forward.
A fresh trail of pus and ichor ended where he now sat.
11 December 2017 - A subsidiary of US-based Ichor Holdings, Ltd.
Alongside Minori, the Arcana of Blood, called Ichor, was also introduced through the Kickstarter.
Scientists cannot capture love nor prove it but have found the scent of rain: An oil they named petrichor --from the Greek petra (stone) and ichor (ethereal blood of gods)-- released when raindrops touch porous stone birthing pinpoint bubbles which fizz like champagne lift the essence -- blood of the stone --into the wind to our senses.
In the present case study, we examine the biotechnology start-up company Ichor Therapeutics, Inc.
Below (l-r): Mark Firth, Don Nicolson and Maurice Carson, all Ichor Systems, welcome Fergus Ewing MSP, Scottish minister for business, energy and tourism, who opened the US-owned semiconductor firm's new 36,600 square feet European head office in Blantyre.
Tumblers are filled with whiskey, wine, green ichor, blood, and urine, while snatches of odd songs, by composers from Henry Purcell to Randy Newman, are sung.
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