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n. pl. i·co·nog·ra·phies
a. Pictorial illustration of a subject.
b. The collected representations illustrating a subject.
2. A set of specified or traditional symbolic forms associated with the subject or theme of a stylized work of art.
3. A treatise or book dealing with iconography.

[Late Latin īconographia, description, verbal sketch, from Medieval Greek eikonographiā : eikono-, icono- + -graphiā, -graphy.]

i′co·nog′ra·pher n.
i·con′o·graph′ic (ī-kŏn′ə-grăf′ĭk), i·con′o·graph′i·cal adj.


[ˌaɪkɒˈnɒgrəfəʳ] Niconógrafo/a m/f
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Hence, rather than copying subjects, the iconographer should rely on the inspiration of the Spirit to unearth these spiritual qualities--similar to what Gerard Manley Hopkins in another context called the instress of a thing.
Bearing a rare signature by acclaimed Russian iconographer Mikhail Dikarev, a silver and enamel plaque on the back indicated that the icon had been given to Tsar Nicholas II by the Society of Moscow Old Believers.
Fadi studied at The Slade School of Fine Art in London before training as an iconographer under the guidance of famed icon-painter Isaac Fanous in Los Angeles.
If an iconographer traveled, he could carry this set with him, and he would know how to depict any obscure saint.
There is an invitation to the iconographer or the iconographically educated Christian to experiment in something more like the Zen idiom; and there is more than one style of proper and spiritually fruitful aesthetic humility.
This means that the iconographer is paid $50 a week, and that's not enough to raise her family.
Professor Enamul Hague, basically a first-rate iconographer and a museum man, has put together in this volume a whole museum-like panorama of an extraordinary range of beautiful objects from Bangladesh.
The iconographer uses prototypes, but the iconographer's individual spirituality is present in the creation of every icon.
Read" is the mot juste if we remember that in the Byzantine tradition the iconographer "writes" an icon and it is the viewer who "reads.
The white ground, sometimes seen on Novgorod icons, is a distinctive feature of Moscow icons of the 1500s associated with the workshop and followers of the iconographer known as Master Dionisy, best known from his works for the Cathedral of the Dormition of c.
Noted Computer Iconographer, Susan Kare, Offers Her Classic Graphics As Prints, Including Original Macintosh Icons
is precisely because the iconographer struggles to hold together this