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n. pl. i·co·nos·ta·ses (-sēz′)
The screen decorated with icons that divides the sanctuary from the nave of an Eastern Orthodox church.

[From Medieval Greek eikonostasion, shrine : eikono-, icono- + Greek stasis, a standing; see stā- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˌaɪkəʊˈnɒstəsɪs) or


n, pl iconostases (ˌaɪkəʊˈnɒstəˌsiːz; aɪˈkɒnəˌstæsɪz)
(Eastern Church (Greek & Russian Orthodox)) Eastern Churches a screen with doors and icons set in tiers, which separates the bema (sanctuary) from the nave
[C19: Church Latin, from Late Greek eikonostasion shrine, literally: area where images are placed, from icono- + histanai to stand]


(ˌaɪ kəˈnɒs tə sɪs)

n., pl. -ses (-ˌsiz)
a partition or screen on which icons are placed, separating the sanctuary from the main part of an Eastern church.
[1825–35; < Medieval Greek]
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15, 2017 -- Maher Eskandar Reverend Philoxenus opened the sanctuary, moved the iconostasis to the side and stood exactly at the spot which the Holy Family blessed.
Their restitution to the Government of the recognised Republic of Cyprus was on the understanding that they would eventually return to the Church in Lefkosia: in the words of the Cypriot statement upon the presentation of the case at UNESCO headquarters "their journey will only end when they finally occupy their original and rightful place in the iconostasis of the Church of Antiphonitis".
For the first time, visitors may take a guided tour between performances of the church's elaborate iconostasis with iconographer Theresa Danovich, who has written icons for churches across the state.
The Divine Liturgy invites full participation of the senses through colorful vestments, frequent changes of physical postures, billowing incense, and the vibrant iconostasis guiding the faithful toward a richer, deeper participation in the Eucharist.
CID chief Ioannis Soteriades said the icons, which depicted various saints, belonged to a church iconostasis.
Trinity-Gleden Monastery (near Velikii Ustiug), Trinity Cathedral, iconostasis, Royal Gate, 27 July 1996
I was immediately transfixed by the splendid golden iconostasis in the sanctuary--then promptly intercepted by two ushers who must have moonlighted as bouncers.
43) After the Ukrainians purchased the building, they converted it into an Orthodox church which required the construction of "an iconostasis and a raised sanctuary area" and "the addition of a bell tower and the building of an onion dome over the porch," a transformation which "gave it a somewhat Lemko-like appearance.
The three doors of the iconostasis derive from the three places of entrance/exit on the stage in ancient Greek drama.