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 (ī-kō′sə-hē′drən, ī-kŏs′ə-)
n. pl. i·co·sa·he·drons or i·co·sa·he·dra (-drə)
A polyhedron having 20 faces.

[Greek eikosaedron, from neuter of Greek eikosaedros, twenty-sided : eikosi, twenty; see wīkm̥tī- in Indo-European roots + -edros, -sided; see -hedron.]

i·co′sa·he′dral (-drəl) adj.
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Adj.1.icosahedral - of or relating to an icosahedron
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Throughout this period, Prof Shechtman discovered the Icosahedral Phase which opened the new science of quasiperiodic crystals and led him to the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2011.
They feature a high coverage 332 icosahedral dimple design pattern that provides greater lift, higher flight and greater distance.
120[+ or -]3] in comparison with fcc-like 100 nm gold nanoparticles, calculated PDF of icosahedral [Au.
The 60 copies of the structural proteins are components of its icosahedral shape and the non-structural proteins are responsible for the replication of viral genome in the host cells.
Properties of 4 viruses used to develop a protocol for metagenomic virus detection in infectious disease settings * Orthomyxovirinae, Property Reovirinae, reovirus influenza virus A Size, nm, shape 75-85, icosahedral 80-120, spherical, pleomorphic Buoyant 1.
They are nonenveloped, positive-sense, icosahedral, single-stranded RNA viruses.
This is the first new class of convex, equilateral polyhedra with icosahedral symmetry in 400 years," says UCLA neuroscientist Stan Schein.
Physical characterization of icosahedral virus ultra structure, stability, and integrity using electrospray differential mobility analysis.
Along with other viruses in this family, Zika virus is enveloped and icosahedral with a non-segmented, single-stranded, positive sense RNA genome.
The viruses were non-enveloped, spherical to icosahedral and measured 22 to 28 nm in diameter.
Even the 'simple' icosahedral protein coat of the T1 virus requires integration of 60 protein components.