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Adj.1.ictal - of or relating to a seizure or convulsion
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Animal models (rats) have demonstrated that seizures do not completely disappear because the ictal focus still interacts with subcortical areas through preserved vertical fibers.
They suggested that the division of epileptic seizures as focal or generalized was pragmatic, and when a more detailed explanation was necessary, the seizure semiology dictionary defining ictal findings that was published by ILAE in 2001 should be used (3).
Tc-99m ethylcysteinate dimer brain SPECT perfusion imaging in ictal nonepileptic visual hallucinations.
proposed an epileptic seizure classification based exclusively on ictal semiology or symptomatology.
In all the children who presented with epilepsy, a thorough history including age of onset, family history, developmental delay, aura, type of seizures, post ictal neurologic deficit and a detailed clinical examination was done.
One of the newer methods used to identify the epileptogenic seizure focus is the ictal Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) scan, which MCG began performing in 1993.
Caused by a simple partial seizure, ictal depression is characterized by guilt, anhedonia, or sudden-onset suicidal ideation without an environmental trigger.
Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES) are described as time-limited episodes of alterations of consciousness and sensation and involuntary motor movements, which are associated with psychological conflicts instead of ictal epileptiform discharges (1,2).
All these patients were surgical candidates because of medically intractable seizures and evaluated according to a standard protocol that included interictal and ictal video EEG recordings, cranial magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and neuropsychological and psychiatric investigations.
8] Seizures in EEG were defined as a sudden, repetitive, evolving, and stereotyped ictal pattern with a clear beginning, peak and ending, an amplitude of ≥2 [micro]V, and a minimum duration of 10 s.