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v. i·de·at·ed, i·de·at·ing, i·de·ates
To form an idea of; imagine or conceive: "Such characters represent a grotesquely blown-up aspect of an ideal man ... if not realizable, capable of being ideated" (Anthony Burgess).
To conceive mental images; think.

i′de·a′tion n.
i′de·a′tion·al adj.


the process of forming ideas. — ideational, adj.
See also: Thinking
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Noun1.ideation - the process of forming and relating ideas
cerebration, intellection, mentation, thinking, thought process, thought - the process of using your mind to consider something carefully; "thinking always made him frown"; "she paused for thought"


nIdeenbildung f; (= imagination)Vorstellungsvermögen nt


n. ideación, proceso de formación de ideas.
paranoid ______ paranoide.
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com)-- ElevatePoint, a company that creates SharePoint intranets especially for communicators, is excited to announce a new feature that's now included in ElevatePoint Intranet Platform - the Ideation Center.
Similarly, involvement in victimization may be associated with suicidal ideation and behaviors (Espelage & Holt, 2013).
M2 PHARMA-December 28, 2017-NeuroRx Partners with Veterans Affairs and Baylor College of Medicine for Clinical Trial of Drug Regimen for Treatment of Severe Bipolar Depression with Acute Suicidal Ideation and Behavior
The most successful innovators throughout history used a process called ideation in order to create products that make our lives better and more enjoyable.
Zhang, Xiao, & Zhou, 2010), and depression is the strongest predictor of suicidal ideation among individuals with a mental health disorder (Izadinia, Amiri, Jahromi, & Hamidi, 2010).
Objective: We examined whether brief behavioral health visits reduced suicidal and self-harm ideation among primary care patients and compared the effectiveness of interventions that targeted ideation directly (i.
Male gender, family history of suicide, suicidal ideation, psychotic symptoms, former suicide attempts, hopelessness, comorbid personality disorders, substance use and anxiety disorders have been found to be contributing determinants towards completed suicide in many prospective cohort studies.
com/kc/suicidal-thoughts-ideation-193026) Medical News Today , suicidal thoughts are also known as suicidal ideation.
Nearly 70% of those with schizophrenia had documented suicidal behavior or ideation, as did more than 82% of those with bipolar I disorder.
Summary: As part of its mission to promote the emergence of micro-entrepreneurs as a vehicle for change in their communities, Enda Inter-Arabe launched from May onwards a series of Ideation Camps
At the end of 2015, Volkswagen Group IT already established the Ideation Hub, a department whose main task is to bring Volkswagen and young start-ups together.
There may be many risk factors including personality for suicidal ideation and acts.