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v. i·de·at·ed, i·de·at·ing, i·de·ates
To form an idea of; imagine or conceive: "Such characters represent a grotesquely blown-up aspect of an ideal man ... if not realizable, capable of being ideated" (Anthony Burgess).
To conceive mental images; think.

i′de·a′tion n.
i′de·a′tion·al adj.


the process of forming ideas. — ideational, adj.
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Noun1.ideation - the process of forming and relating ideas
cerebration, intellection, mentation, thinking, thought process, thought - the process of using your mind to consider something carefully; "thinking always made him frown"; "she paused for thought"


nIdeenbildung f; (= imagination)Vorstellungsvermögen nt


n. ideación, proceso de formación de ideas.
paranoid ______ paranoide.
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The study did not include patients with suicidal ideations and included patients with both unipolar and bipolar mood disorder.
Symptoms of depression among college students can have a significant influence over suicidal ideations and should therefore be considered when practitioners are conducting assessments (Konick & Gutierrez, 2005).
It was hypothesized that the some patients with schizophrenia would have active suicidal ideations that would be correlated with their depressive cognitions.
As used in the military today, group therapy for at-risk personnel has the primary goals of decreasing suicidal and homicidal ideations and increasing soldiers' coping skills.
In women, the suicidal ideations are associated with more social stress and couple stress.
School bullying, therefore, is a risk factor for suicidal ideations and behavior, particularly in victims and victim-perpetrators, Dr.
Criminals, regardless of their circumstances, think about the crime that they intend to commit, communicate their ideations or intentions, prepare to carry out the crime, and, finally, commit the crime.
Although social/interpersonal experiences play a clear role in reducing distorted ideations, the mastering of formal operational abilities is the chief ingredient in bringing about a more accurate, refined understanding of self-other relations.
Emotional and behavioral reactions includes anger, guilt, fear, withdrawal, despair, confusion, appetite changes, sleep disturbances, suicidal ideations and hypochondriacal beliefs following the diagnosis of HIV (Miller et al,(28) Dilley et al,(8) Faulstich et al, (30) Jacob et al (31)).
Enquete sur les comportements et ideations suicidaires des eleves de 3e, 4e et 5e secondaire de la region 02 |Survey of suicidal behavior and ideations of 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade high school students of Region 02~.
At follow-up, the percentages were greater for past (30%) and present (43%) suicidal ideation, as well as for suicidal behavior (12%).