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pron. Abbr. id.
Something that has been mentioned previously; the same.

[Latin, from id, it; see i- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈaɪdɛm; ˈɪdɛm)
(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) the same: used to refer to an article, chapter, etc, previously cited


(ˈaɪ dɛm, ˈɪd ɛm)

pron., adj.
the same as previously given or mentioned.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Latin: the same one]


pron, adjidem, derselbe
References in classic literature ?
Besides, we are safe for to-day; you know the axiom, `Non bis in idem.
Semper idem," explained the Woggle-Bug, pompously; and the Gump turned to stare at him.
I have been nearly mad; and you know the axiom, -- non bis in idem.
The poet also resigns himself to his mood, and that thought which agitated him is expressed, but alter idem, in a manner totally new.
Ultimately, due to funding and scope-of-work concerns, an EPA spokesperson told The Times the agency later decided IDEM would handle the sampling.
IdemWorks' tool, IdEM, provides passive and causal broadband computational models for use in circuit simulation environments for transient and AC analyses.
The combination of these three beers creates the first edition of Ad Idem, with talks of future editions as well.
Idem pour le titre AIR LIQUIDE qui avance de 4,26% a 134,50 D.
Daimler officials who entered Iran after the fulfillment of JCPOA, discussed signing up in Iran's market and industry and also signed a memorandum of cooperation with IKCO during meetings held in the presence of IKD, IDEM and Daimler CEOs.
He said he made numerous calls to IDEM last week seeking a public hearing but did not get a timely call back from the office.
Also, IDEM and Envirotest intend to negotiate a contract term of four years with a state option to extend up to two years.