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v. i·den·ti·fied, i·den·ti·fy·ing, i·den·ti·fies
a. To establish or recognize the identity of; ascertain as a certain person or thing: Can you identify what kind of plane that is? I identified the man at the next table as a famous actor.
b. Biology To determine the taxonomic classification of (an organism).
c. To ascertain as having a certain characteristic or feature: job candidates who are identified as overqualified; children who have been identified with hearing loss.
2. To consider as identical or united; equate: The Greek god Ares is identified with the Roman god Mars.
3. To associate or affiliate closely with: writers who are identified with modernism.
1. To consider oneself as sharing certain characteristics or attitudes as another: She identifies strongly with her grandmother.
2. To associate oneself with or admire something, such as a set of ideas: a language learner who identifies with a new culture.
3. To self-identify.

[Medieval Latin identificāre, to make to resemble : Late Latin identitās, identity; see identity + Latin -ficāre, -fy.]

i·den′ti·fi′a·ble adj.
i·den′ti·fi′a·bly adv.
i·den′ti·fi′er n.
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Adv.1.identifiably - in an identifiable manner; "they were identifiably different"
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Our philosophy is to blend their tastes with our exacting standards and in the spirit of bespoke craftsmanship, create a car that is both identifiably a Devon GTX yet singular to our customers' specifications.
And while "Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy" also features amazing acrobatics and special effects, it is also an identifiably American show with lots of bright lights and vigor (and no pretentiousness).
Though identifiably of its time, it does not attempt to compete with or overwhelm an already heady history.
There's a sturdy list of good identifiably Scottish content, filmed in Scotland, featuring Scots, some of it for the UK network.
We hope that other police forces in the Celtic countries will follow the example of North Wales in making the police service identifiably an integral part of the community they serve.
Yet Bailey backpedals by insisting that certain stylistic qualities consistently recur and are identifiably Jesuit.
Presumably the sense that the works were identifiably "Buchleresque.
She said: "The Greek assertion that the kidney is indeed Christopher's seems to be based on their confidence that the medical authorities always had it identifiably under their control at all times.
As melodrama and contrivance blossom in the movie's third act, Rivette's characteristic playfulness emerges more identifiably.
As "the High Priest of individual religiosity," he saw in the self-sufficiency of the individual "the key to all things identifiably American.
In his 1986 article "Blacks in Vietnam: A Holistic Perspective" (partially recapitulated in his 1988 book Connecting Times), Harris states that there is a "holistic" (which is to say identifiably representative) mode or "movement" that characterizes not only African American fiction of Vietnam but also what he calls "real world" black experiences (121).

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