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 (ī′dē-ə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl, ĭd′ē-) also i·de·o·log·ic (-lŏj′ĭk)
1. Of or relating to ideology.
2. Of or concerned with ideas.
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Adj.1.ideologic - concerned with or suggestive of ideas; "ideological application of a theory"; "the drama's symbolism was very ideological"
abstract - existing only in the mind; separated from embodiment; "abstract words like `truth' and `justice'"
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According to the September issue of Psychology of Women Quarterly, women are just as likely as are men to engage in physical aggression toward their intimate partners; domestic violence (DV) is a problem in lesbian relationships, which refutes the notion that it is the means by which the patriarchy maintains power and control over women; and DV is a complex social phenomenon that defies simplistic ideologic explanations.
Dit funksioneer om die korrekte vorm, "peaceful co-existence", te satiriseer en daarmee ook die ideologic van apartheid wat onder eufemismes soos afsonderlike ontwikkeling en vreedsame naasbestaan probeer oorleef het.
To be classified as a terrorist event, an incident must involve an organization or person that conspires to use violence instrumentally to advance a political, ideologic, or religious goal.
Neoconservatorismul a inceput sa prinda contur ideologic distinct in timpul celui de al doilea razboi mondial.
The NGOs at the target of the State Supervisory Council (DDK) showed reaction to the DDK's report regarding trade associations as ideologic.
We ought to change that to ideologic issues, whether they are related to faith, socioeconomics, cultural values, or other sources of pressure.
Participation in the daily life of the community also made Kroll-Smith subject to the internal ideologic divisions within the community.
In the context of this study, the distinguishing feature of bioterrorism is that it involves the use of "violence on behalf of a political, religious, ecologic, or other ideologic cause without reference to the moral or political justice of the cause.
In Franta unde dupa promulgarea legii separatiei (4) dintre stat si Biserica romano-catolica din 1905 (5) nu se mai accepta nici un intermediar intre stat si individ, modelul statului republican nu admite pluralismul ca iesire de sub drepturile si obligatiile cetateanului, adica de sub sistemul ideologic.
The elders, the parents, and the adults create the next generation of violent, cruel perpetrators of blind ideologic fanatics who have a strong grip on the world at this time.
In opinia autorului, afirmarea si consolidarea unui centru gravitational al vietii religioase implica perspective ce nuanteaza diferit ideologic viata religioasa in dublu sens:
Beyond ideologic bias, many families describe themselves as "traumatized" by the mental health system, citing lengthy histories of misdiagnosis, inappropriate medication, confidentiality barriers, and multiple hospitalizations with little benefit, she said.