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Relating to or concerned with discrete or unique facts or events: History is an idiographic discipline, studying events that cannot be repeated.


(Psychology) psychol of or relating to the study of individuals. Compare nomothetic


(ˌɪd i əˈgræf ɪk)

of or involving the study or explication of individual cases or events.
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Adj.1.idiographic - relating to or involving the study of individuals
psychological science, psychology - the science of mental life
nomothetic - relating to or involving the search for abstract universal principles
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FAP's attempt to apply idiographic functional analysis in adult, outpatient psychotherapy may be seen as a conceptual breakthrough and an important strength (Callaghan and Darrow 2015).
Functional idiographic assessment template: disclosure subclass (FIAT-QD; Callaghan, 2006).
Though Killens is critical and Cross is glorifying, their quotes deftly disclose the impetus behind (1) theorization incorporating the confusion construct conceptualization issue and (2) supportive findings in nomothetic and idiographic research to be an enslavement-initiated, Jim Crow reinforced (Tillotson, 2011), modern-day seduced (Schiele, 2002) "nigger-to-negro" (Jennings, 2003, 251) bounding of outlook, vision, and motivation to be human in the manner of Eurasians by the theorists and populace of ADPs, respectively.
This approach is considered by McDowell (2006) as an idiographic approach in item selection, which employs empirical methods to select questions that best illustrate the eventual outcome after testing a larger number of items.
IPA is also idiographic in that it aims to gain an in-depth understanding of participants' experiences.
Another issue to consider is that the idiographic, unpredictable and difficult-to-model nature of complex systems may simply be too unpalatable to the mainstream, and thus may continue to be largely ignored.
1) There are several problems and unresolved issues with his argument; these include: (1) it unduly privileges idiographic (specific) explanations, (2) the distinctiveness of CS remains somewhat fuzzy, (3) it is unclear how one can argue that Canada is a unique case if it is not viewed in comparative perspective, (4) the collateral consequences of embracing this perspective are not fully sketched out--especially with regard to audiences.
Fie proposes that there be inclusion of subjective experiences, idiographic or case study approaches, naturalistic and spontaneous events, and deep description and other forms of explanation (both applications and appreciations); the involvement of the investigator's perspective and experiences within the field of study (thus embracing subjectivity); exploration of the "dark places" in parapsychology--where psi is not, including the nature of psi-missing and the nature of subjective experiences, including the meaningfulness of these experiences, and the patterns surrounding psi performance and experiences that are not predicted and that do not necessarily impact the specified target event itself.
Furthermore, this technique has been shown to have adequate psychometric properties despite its highly idiographic nature (Feixas, Moliner, Montes, Mari, & Neimeyer, 1992).
An idiographic and phenomenological approach to understanding suicide, Retrieved from ProQuest Dissertations, Order number 3395013.
This idiographic information on drinking antecedents was summarized and then provided to therapists who used the feedback to tailor their skills training.
A construction project cash flow model--an idiographic approach, Construction Management and Economics 4(3): 213-232.