idiot savant

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idiot savant

n. pl. idiot savants
Often Offensive A person with savant syndrome; a savant.

[French : idiot, idiot + savant, learned.]

idiot savant

(ˈiːdjəʊ sæˈvɑ̃; ˈɪdɪət ˈsævənt)
n, pl idiots savants (ˈiːdjəʊ sæˈvɑ̃) or idiot savants
(Psychiatry) a person with learning difficulties who performs brilliantly at some specialized intellectual task, such as giving the day of the week for any calendar date past or present
[C19: from French: knowledgeable idiot]

id•i•ot sa•vant

(ˈɪd i ət səˈvɑnt, sæ-; Fr. i dyoʊ saˈvɑ̃)

n., pl. idiot savants, Fr. id•iots sa•vants (i dyoʊ saˈvɑ̃)
a mentally defective person with an exceptional skill or talent in a special field, as a highly developed ability to play music or to do arithmetic calculations.
[1925–30; < French: literally, learned idiot]
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Noun1.idiot savant - person who is mentally retarded in general but who displays remarkable aptitude in some limited field (usually involving memory)
simpleton, simple - a person lacking intelligence or common sense
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Adom, from Atlanta, are performing at the Nag's as part of their tour to promote their LP Idiot Savant.
In one of the defining roles of a career decorated with brilliant performances Dustin Hoffman makes us fall in love with Raymond Babbit, an autistic idiot savant capable of only the most limited human contact.
But the evening's star was headline act Keith Carter and his fantastic scally boy character Nige, the funniest dole-claiming, dope-smoking idiot savant I've ever seen.
He may be an idiot savant when it comes to criminal procedure, or he may just be an idiot.
Jack Smith was to Republic Pictures what an idiot savant is to square roots.
Opening will be The Golden Virgins, Teesside's Idiot Savant and relative newcomers to the scene This Band, mixing classic rock 'n' roll with an exciting contemporary edge.
For what it's worth, there are six things I'm fairly sure about (i) he used to do stand-up; (ii) he's a self-proclaimed Arsenal fan who writes unctiously about Thierry Henry (football is so derivative these days -- for the sublime Henry, see John Barnes gliding past slack-jawed mugs in Arsenal shirts nearly two decades ago); (iii) he knocks around with other celebrity Arsenal fans like Rory McGrath, Melvyn Bragg, Nick Hornby and -- wait for it -- Tom Watt (welcome to hell); (iv) he played a duffle coated idiot savant in Jonathan Creek; (v) a female TV critic in The Guardian once described him as asexual; (vi) he holds an absolutist view of Scousers (in general) who can't use the same privilege to answer back.
A MOVING insight into the world of the idiot savant when Tom Cruise virtually kidnaps his autistic brother Dustin Hoffman in a bid to con out of his legacy.
Georgian Theatre frequenters Idiot Savant return with their annual Christmas Pageant on Friday.
We all know Bush isn't the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but it's great fun to cut footage to make him look like Rainman's idiot savant, without the savant bit.
99): A modern-day pilgrim's progress, with Tom Hanks as the wandering idiot savant.
TWELVE piece party band Idiot Savant return to Stockton's Georgian Theatre with their Christmas Pageant on Friday, December 20.