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The complete set of idiotopes contained within the variable region of a particular immunoglobulin molecule and making up the molecule's antigen binding site.

id′i·o·typ′ic (-tĭp′ĭk) adj.
id′i·o·ty′py (-tī′pē) n.


the unique part of an antibody
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Texas Oncology physicians on the medical staff at Baylor Dallas will be participating in a phase I clinical study to evaluate the safety and tolerability of an autologous idiotype vaccine for patients with relapsed follicular lymphoma who are in complete or partial remission following salvage therapy.
In some instances, some antibodies, called idiotype antibodies, act as antigens, triggering an immune response similar to that described above.
The topics include the purification of primary malignant B-cells and immunoblot analysis of Bcl-2 family proteins, idiotype gene rescue in follicular lymphoma, and antibody techniques used to study anaplastic lymphoma kinase-positive ALCL.
It suggests that the Bullet idiotype vaccine is superior to the previous 'gold standard.
We hypothesize that the interfering antibody in the Olympus ferritin assay is a natural antiidiotypic antibody that binds to a unique idiotype on the rabbit antihuman ferritin antibody linked to latex (5).
When the researchers examined immune-system cells from the transgenic mice, they found large amounts of a type of antibody displaying the characteristic chemical signature, or idiotype, of the foreign gene.
In the upcoming meeting with the FDA regarding the design of the confirmatory registration study, Biovest anticipates exploring the use of a specific subtype of the idiotype biomarker found in a retrospective analysis of the first Phase III clinical trial, BV301.
Therefore, the interfering antibodies might be idiotypic antibodies that bind to a unique idiotype present on the Elecsys anti-TSH antibodies but not on the Centaur and Architect antibodies.
Idiotypes can provoke anti-idiotypes, which in turn can provoke anti-idiotypes that attach to the initial provoker as well as to the anti-idiotype.
Duffey, added, "In contrast to the often complex and expensive methods used to manufacture cell-based autologous cancer vaccines, BiovaxID manufacture is relatively straight-forward: we rely upon a largely automated process that yields small-batches of a patient-specific idiotype (antibody) protein.
His work involved both basic immunology and translational efforts to develop novel anti-cancer antibodies and idiotype vaccines for the treatment of B cell non-Hodgkin's lymphomas and included the first clinical trial of an anti-cancer vaccine based on antigen-pulsed dendritic cells.
Chief of the Lymphoma Therapeutics Section at NCI and the principal investigator of the MCL study, stated in an article published in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN), "We found that among MCL patients treated with a hybridoma-based idiotype vaccine, patients who had T-cells that produced GM-CSF when exposed to tumor antigen had a significantly longer survival and delayed time to next treatment compared to patients who did not have GM-CSF producing T-cells.