idle away

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يَقضي وَقَتَه بلا عَمَل
drive væk
semmittevéssel tölti az idejét
sóa, eyîa
boşa harcamakziyan etmek

w>idle away

vt sep one’s time etcvertrödeln, verbummeln


(ˈaidl) adjective
1. not working; not in use. ships lying idle in the harbour.
2. lazy. He has work to do, but he's idle and just sits around.
3. having no effect or result. idle threats.
4. unnecessary; without good reason or foundation. idle fears; idle gossip.
1. to be idle or do nothing. On holiday they just idled from morning till night.
2. of an engine etc, to run gently without doing any work. They kept the car engine idling while they checked their position with the map.
ˈidler noun
a lazy person.
ˈidleness noun
ˈidly adverb
idle away
to spend (time) doing nothing. idling the hours away.
References in classic literature ?
They think it is an easy life, idle away a couple of years; and then, because their funds come to an end or because angry parents refuse any longer to support them, drift away from the hospital.
Dubai: Tasneem Ajaj, a Jordanian working mother of three kids, is against the idea of letting her children idle away summer months.
Cardiff institution Kellys is a must visit for any vinyl junkie wanting to idle away a few hours and unearth some rarities into the bargain.
The place was very busy, but then again I know how popular cheap alcohol is with you Northerners and how you like nothing better than idle away the hours sitting on the steps of a church in an alcoholic haze - how fun and carefree your lives are
Since when you idle away your time you reach end before you begin and feel anxiety and sadness without any cause" [19].
Even eschewing the guided tours and staying on board is a perfectly satisfactory way to idle away a week or two, usually at remarkably competitive prices and confident that short of leaping overboard the children can come to little harm.