idol worship

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Noun1.idol worship - the worship of idolsidol worship - the worship of idols; the worship of images that are not God
worship - the activity of worshipping
iconolatry - the worship of sacred images
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A senior cleric says modern Western civilization is nothing more than the idol worship of ancient history wrapped in new coat.
Three motives were identified for Kalburgi's murder -- firstly a property dispute involving Kalburgi's daughter; secondly his statements, which had angered the Lingayats ( largest community in Karnataka) over discriminatory practices among themselves and thirdly, his comments on idol worship.
23) In Dadestan i Menog i Xrad idol worship is called the "eighth-worst sin," (24) and the text also contains an explicit prohibition against idol worship:
The extremists purport to believe that the artifacts violate Islamic prohibitions on idol worship.
In Islam, idol worship amounts to the greatest form of "shirk", i.
As a result, the pure Revelation from our Creator was corrupted with myths, superstitions, idol worship and irrational philosophical ideologies.
Although the holiday remains controversial - Religious scholars say it opens Yemen to the influence of non-muslims and encourages idol worship - many shops owners on Hadda continue with the tradition year after year.
His every movement was being watched by those ensnared in idol worship, seething with hatred for Islam and its Prophet.
The irony is probably lost on most of them that they revere Obama with a level of devotion that most monarchs and dictators can only wish for--to the level of idol worship.
International scholars address themes including the challenge of particularity, legitimacy of other religious traditions, whether the prohibition against idol worship applies equally to Jews and non-Jews, and the possibility of multiple revelations.
You may know the story: Abraham, in an effort to convince his father, Terach, that idol worship is wrong, takes a hammer and smashes the idols that his father sells.
I'm sick of the "free market" idol worship that thinks raw capitalism can fix everything and anything ("Labor pains," August).