idol worshiper

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Noun1.idol worshiper - a person who worships idolsidol worshiper - a person who worships idols    
gentile, heathen, infidel, pagan - a person who does not acknowledge your god
idolatress - a woman idolater
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The Torah says you are not to maltreat him (19:33), which means that you should not say to the convert "yesterday you were once an idol worshiper and now you have become Jewish.
There are numerous references to non-believers and idol worshipers, to the People of the Book (namely, the Jews, or the Tribe of Israel, and the Christians), exhorting each one to strive towards a true understanding of the Quran and of Islam.
His efforts to convert idol worshipers to his faith, even prior to his sojourn to Canaan, were deduced from the verse, Abraham took .