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1. Of, constituting, or having to do with the worship of idols or false gods.
2. Characterized by or given to uncritical or excessive devotion to something: "Love for one's country which is not part of one's love for humanity is not love, but idolatrous worship." (Erich Fromm).

i·dol′a·trous·ly adv.
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Adv.1.idolatrously - in an idolatrous manner; "the people idolatrously worshipped the Golden Calf"
بصورة عبادة وثنيَّة
bálványimádó módon


(ˈaidl) noun
1. an image of a god, which is worshipped. The tribesmen bowed down before their idol.
2. a greatly loved person, thing etc. The singer was the idol of thousands of teenagers.
idolatry (aiˈdolətri) noun
1. the worship of idols.
2. too great admiration, especially of a person.
iˈdolatrous adjective
iˈdolatrously adverb
ˈidolize, ˈidolise verb
to love or admire a person etc greatly or too much. She idolized her older brother.
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17) In other words, wealth cannot make us immortal or infinite, which is what we are always idolatrously seeking; we remain radically at the mercy of the elements and our bodily condition.
We behave idolatrously and try to rebuild the temple rather than allow ourselves to be turned into the new temple.
In grad school, I fell idolatrously in love with my first atheist boyfriend.
The exercise of sensibility in this kind of mimesis can be an occasion of sin, since the reflection of eternal being in finite being could be idolatrously distorted by human volition.
Juliet also loves Romeo idolatrously, leading Pearce to claim that "the awful lesson that Romeo and Juliet teaches is that the thing possessed possesses the possessor" (98).