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Adj.1.idolised - regarded with deep or rapturous love (especially as if for a god)idolised - regarded with deep or rapturous love (especially as if for a god); "adored grandchildren"; "an idolized wife"
loved - held dear; "his loved companion of many years"
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I don't want to be idolised,' I answered; 'but I am well assured that he loves me more than anybody else in the world - as I do him.
In the meanwhile William of Orange urged on the course of events by every means in his power, eagerly waiting for the time when the people, by whom he was idolised, should have made of the bodies of the brothers the two steps over which he might ascend to the chair of Stadtholder.
And here was a man, decidedly good-looking--Jane and Susan Green call him bewitchingly handsome I suppose they're two of the ladies he pretends would be so glad to have him; but, however, he was certainly a very clever, witty, agreeable companion--not what you call clever, but just enough to make him entertaining; and a man one needn't be ashamed of anywhere, and would not soon grow tired of; and to confess the truth, I rather liked him--better even, of late, than Harry Meltham--and he evidently idolised me; and yet, though he came upon me all alone and unprepared, I had the wisdom, and the pride, and the strength to refuse him--and so scornfully and coolly as I did: I have good reason to be proud of that.
She idolised dad and she was really Ellie's second cousin Maureen Pilcher, 49, said the family were Maureen Pilcher, second cousin "too shocked and devastated to talk".
If you idolise someone, you demonise them and the person who is idolised becomes complicit in that" - Actor Andrew Scott.
Rooney (top) idolised Gary Speed Wayne idolised the footballer, who played in the number 10 shirt for Everton.
SWANSEA boss Brendan Rodgers reckons that footballers are more likely to need help coping with pressure because of the way they are idolised by fans.
BARRY WILSON spent the best years of his career at Inverness where he was idolised everywhere he stepped foot around the Highland club.
The London derby at Stamford Bridge, which sees West Ham manager Gianfranco Zola returning to the ground where he was idolised as a player.
PREMIER League footballer Joey Barton was yesterday told to set an example to fans who idolised him by the judge who spared him jail.
The Merthyr Tydfil-born clothing creator said of the 27-year-old singer: "Katherine has an effortless elegance about her, she's idolised by men and women all over the world.
The kids who once idolised the Manchester United boy-wonder have started to catch up with him on the pitch.