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1. Of or relating to an idyll.
2. Tranquil and carefree: an idyllic childhood.
3. Scenic or picturesque: an idyllic town by the sea.

i·dyl′li·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.idyllically - in an idyllic manner
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Kotdwara, located at a distance of about 45km, can idyllically be called the gateway to heaven as the road touches the foothills of the Himalayas.
Later, on the lazy boat ride on the gharial-infested Ken river, the scenery was idyllically similar to a child's drawing, with bare mountains, trees and a river, with the exception of abundant spiked reptiles.
The moving van had not left for Williams College in Williamstown, idyllically located in the Berkshires, where the festival will put on more than 200 performances on three stages from June 14 through Aug.
Positive memories invoke the taste and smell of the island, with dishes Esperanza prepares in her small kitchen and when, shortly before he dies, Santo is transformed idyllically by the smell of pineapple and coconut from a woman's drink in a bar.
In Lees studio, dead dragonflies are often found lying in porcelain bowls, their wings iridescent against the smooth white, posing idyllically for future designs.
With a single income and two young kids, they're like many middle-class homeowners on their idyllically named street.
The unsettling contrasts between idyllically beautiful South African landscapes and the history of violence written on them contributes to the transformation of her identity" (Viljoen 2000:5).
An idyllically innocent relationship ensues, which comes to an abrupt end when girl and mother disappear without warning.
Only 20 minutes from Berlin, Potsdam is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an artistic masterpiece comprising 12 palaces, including FrederickOs summer palace Sanssouci, and three arranged garden landscapes of architectural and horticultural variety idyllically nestled in the many woods and scenic lakes of the River Havel.
Thus, some point to a strategic interest for Russia, which wants to preserve its only naval base in the Mediterranean, while other speak idyllically of a principled stance respecting an old friendship, and others still speak of a relationship of self-interest, based on the trade of weapons, no less.
The province and city of Groningen is the nation's idyllically rural heart, perfect for cycling and breathing pristine air.