A writer of idylls.


(ˈɪdɪlɪst) or


(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a writer of idylls


or i•dyl•ist

(ˈaɪd l ɪst)

a writer of idylls.
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For some of these, only Theocritus, the original idyllist, expresses true simplicity, whereas for others (John Keble, for example), later idyllists (Virgil, for example) express a deeper simplicity, insofar as their work incorporates the point of view of a modern world and its complexities, against which idyllic simplicity forms an explicit gesture of contrast and "relief.
For Colonel Calverley is named after Charles Stuart Calverley, an idyllist and a parodist.
T]he idyllist does not treat [his subjects] lyrically, following rather the rules of epic and dramatic composition" ("The Idyllists," Studies of the Greek Poets, 3rd ed.
Also included are paintings by Victorian artists, such as Helen Allingham and Kate Greenaway, and those who have been termed the Idyllist school, including George Pinwell and Frederick Walker.
Nels nips `arid, avid' lager-tub tilers, Enos," asserts idyllist sap Nan, past silly distress, "as one's `relit-but-regal diva' Dira, `spins' Len
Add in a little melancholy heritage, and The Idyllists will have even the most morose of hipsters grooving in no time.