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v. ig·nit·ed, ig·nit·ing, ig·nites
a. To cause to burn: The spark plug ignites the fuel.
b. To set fire to: faulty wiring ignited the attic.
a. To arouse the passions of; excite: The insults ignited my anger.
b. To bring about or provoke suddenly; stir up: The news report ignited a controversy.
To begin to burn: had trouble getting the wet tinder to ignite.

[Late Latin ignīre, ignīt-, from Latin ignis, fire.]

ig·nit′a·ble, ig·nit′i·ble adj.
ig·nit′er, ig·ni′tor n.
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Adj.1.ignitable - capable of burning
combustible - capable of igniting and burning
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Class I, Division 1 environments are areas where ignitable concentrations of flammable gases, vapors, or liquids can exist under normal operating conditions.
Cuomo announced that New York will deploy 19 trailers equipped with a firefighting foam substance to local fire departments and county hazardous materials teams throughout the state for use in combating fires and spills involving crude oil or other ignitable liquids.
Rays can be particularly concentrated when they hit concave mirrors and crystal, so if they are directed towards ignitable materials such as curtains or cardboard, it can be disastrous.
The hazardous wastes included electronics, batteries, mercury lamps, aerosols, personal care products and other toxic, ignitable and corrosive materials.
These are areas containing flammable bases or vapours in quantities sufficient to produce explosive or ignitable mixtures.
The internal dispersion of aluminum particles in these images shows that the recovered aluminum is ignitable on composite solid propellants.
The main reason for these problems is the absence of a clear profile of a typical arsonist, but the difficulty inherent in the chemical analysis of fire debris for residual accelerant (or the more modern term, ignitable liquid) is a contributing factor as well.
18 -- AutomationDirect has unveiled KILLARK hazardous location controls which are suitable for installations at petroleum refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants and other processing or storage facilities where flammable gases or vapors, combustible dusts or easily ignitable fibers or flyings are present.
In those days, carbide granules were sold for use in portable lamps, giving a light when water was added to create an ignitable gas.
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Germany's Federal Crime Office (BKA) said it is unclear if any ignitable explosive material was also discovered on Wednesday on the Airbus plane.
Holophane luminaires are rugged enough to perform in the presence of hazardous substances such as flammable gasses, liquids and vapors, combustible dusts, and ignitable fibers and flyings.