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Noun1.ignition lock - a restraint incorporated into the ignition switch to prevent the use of a vehicle by persons who do not have the key
ignition switch - switch that operates a solenoid that closes a circuit to operate the starter
constraint, restraint - a device that retards something's motion; "the car did not have proper restraints fitted"
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The automaker is recalling the vehicles because the ignition lock actuator can bind, making turning the key difficult or causing the ignition to get stuck in the Start position.
The Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) has announced the recall of GMC Yukon, Sierra, and Cadillac Escalade 2011 -- 2012 models due to defects in the ignition lock actuator.
Even though 83,572 vehicles were being recalled for this issue, the carmaker expects that fewer than 500 will be affected by the defect of the ignition lock actuator having an outer diameter that exceeds specifications.
Also complicating the ignition switch recall was a separate ignition lock cylinder recall affecting the same vehicles.
The 51-year-old's sentence includes a requirement that she install an alcohol-detecting ignition lock on her vehicle.
The scooter also gets new features such as a mobile charger socket, lockable glove box, boot light in luggage box, combination ignition lock with seat opening and side stand indicator.
While Louisiana has the proper laws in place to keep drivers safe--mandatory ignition lock for convicted drunk drivers, mandatory helmets and a primary seatbelt law--their enforcement is ineffective.
MELTHAM: February 6: Three suspects attempted to 'hot wire' and steal car by removing ignition lock barrel.
Like in the exterior design, classic Porsche elements can also be found in the interior: the instrument cluster with five round instruments of which one of them is a high resolution multifunction screen, the central rev counter and the ignition lock to the left of the steering wheel.
The final steering column magnesium components consist of the main body of the steering column, tilt housing support, key ignition lock housing and the column shift mechanism.
Features include external-mounted air vents and dials, fabric on the doors and instrument panel and ignition lock behind the shift lever.